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Do magnets get stronger when combined?

Magnets can be attached or combined together for either increasing or reducing their strength, depending purely on their orientation towards each other. Combining the two equal magnets will not necessarily double their strength, but definitely it will come close. Combining the N-to-S If north side of the one magnet combined with south side of other, […]

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The Terms About Magnet ,which you should know

Magnetic terms In this post, we would like to introduce you some terms about the magnet. And that will not too difficult to understand. Most of the terms, will always be used in our daily business. so pls pay attention at this post. Curie temperature When the Curie temperature is reached, the magnetic material loses magnetism. Working […]

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Magnetic board and Neodymium magnet

Magnetic boards and neodymium magnets in a simple design It’s been a long time since people had to rely on thumbtacks in the office. The good old pinboard has long been obsolete, today is multifunctional and clearly worked with magnetic boards. It does not matter if only one sheet, eight or fifteen should adhere at […]

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7 Factors should know if you in neodymium magnet business

Just like other business, there some knowledge have to know. Here we would like to share with you some useful knowledge about neodymium magnet. That can help you know neodymium magnet in 3 minutes.   Basics of neodymium magnets: NdFeB is the most widely used magnetic material due to the highest specific energy density and […]