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Osenc offer a big variety of sell neodymium magnets in many shapes, grade and sizes from our factory. Our company may even have something similar to what you are actually looking for! Ensure to inspect our neodymium magnet for one thing similar in advance.

Why Choose Osenc to produce Custom Neodymium Magnet?

  1. Over 950 pcs Custom Magnet Sample Order A Year

We can not say we are extensive experience in produce custom magnet. But we can tell to our customer that, in these years, we handle 3 custom magnet order per day.

  1. 15 Days

Our average leading time is 15 days. We understand that 15 days means nothing and can not promise customer their leading time is 15 days or less than 15days.  But 95% of cases, leading time less than 23day.

  1. Send The Sample Again

One customer bought a sample from us. In order to help customer save customs tax, we claim the value of the sample was 15 USD(in fact that is 80USD). And had not to tell the customer that. At last, the parcel was rejected by local customs and sent back to us. We were told the return time takes 15 days. The customer said they can wait. But we still take 6 days to made a new sample and sent to the customer. We got $100 from the customer, and then we paid over $180.  We are happy to pay for our fault.

If you have trouble in finding custom neodymium magnet? Check out the knowledge of neodymium magnet. If you need support for discovering a specific measurement,  please send email to us for suggestions.

Osenc has been in permanent magnets business over 10 years. We create and also produce a complete variety of Neodymium items featuring high strength, high energy magnet grades such as: N52, 50M, 48H, 45SH, 38EH, N35, N42, etc. supported applications include: generators, sensors, motor vehicle elements, direct servo motors, acoustic tools, property electronic devices as well as eco-friendly power items.

We provide High-Quality rare earth magnets and strong power magnets:

Customize Grade: N(N35-N52), M(N35-N50), H(N35-N48), SH(N33-N48), UH(N30-N40), EH(N28-N38), AH(N28-N35).

Customize Shape: Disc, Ring, Arc, Cylinder, Motor Magnets and Other special shape.

Customize Coating: Nickel, Epoxy, Zn, Gold, Silver, Passivation, Phosphate.

Customize Size: Diameter / Thickness Size From 1mm – 100mm.

And please keep in mind that neodymium magnets are created coming from a hard, brittle material. Numerous conditions that would certainly be actually very easy to produce in a steel or aluminum component are certainly not essentially practical in a neodymium magnet. Complicated shapes or forms along with thin cross sections may not be actually possible. So you should have a professional partner to help you.

No matter ask for a sample of custom magnet or mass production, as a china neodymium magnet manufacturer, hope our product will service will make you satisfied.

Why Buy Rare Earth Magnet From China?

Because China is the world’s largest both producer and exporter of rare earth permanent magnets. In 2018, China occupied 90.5% of the global market. And China has the biggest rare earth resource in the world. So China magnet factories have extensive experience in produce neodymium magnet. So why not purchase the rare magnet from China?

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