Magnetic board and Neodymium magnet

Magnetic boards and neodymium magnets in a simple design
It’s been a long time since people had to rely on thumbtacks in the office. The good old pinboard has long been obsolete, today is multifunctional and clearly worked with magnetic boards. It does not matter if only one sheet, eight or fifteen should adhere at once – at least if you have the right magnet at hand like the neodymium bar magnet.

An aesthetic and durable alternative
A professional working atmosphere is indispensable if productivity is to sprout up and fun in the trade should remain. While pinboards with their chaotic plug-in system are more likely to distribute information according to where the cork is not yet used, magnetic boards are an aesthetic and durable alternative.

neodymium magnet and board

Metal magnetic boards are inexpensive and powerful
With their customizable size, magnetic boards are not only suitable for meter-long walls, but also for small-scale offices or SOHO rooms. In order to increase the magnetic adhesion and counteract the Scherkarft, magnetic boards made of metal are particularly recommended. Here is the price-performance ratio, because metal magnetic boards are inexpensive to purchase and very easy to install.

Simple design instead of dangerous tacks
Although you can not deny a certain charm pinboard, after all, they are almost a symbol of the offices and youth rooms of the 80s. But the simple design in combination with the suitable and handy magnets, for example, the neodymium bar magnet, does not distract in any way from the presented content. In addition, there is no danger of hurting yourself unnecessarily and painfully with thumbtacks.

Worth knowing: Shear forces
Scissors is a lateral displacement movement. That means, if you have two buttered slices of toast lying on top of each other and you pull on the side of the top, while holding the lower one, then you’ll miss the whole thing. In this case, mainly the butter layer. The required force is just the shear force. In technology, something like that is used to test the strength of things. In addition, there is still the traction. In this case, you would pull up the top toast.

Neodymium magnets, which are easy to grasp, are particularly suitable magnets for a pin board. We therefore recommend to use bar magnets of size 7x14mm, 9x9mm or 11x11mm, as they are strong enough to hold several pieces of paper at once and are very easy to grip due to their length.