The Terms About Magnet ,which you should know

Magnetic terms

In this post, we would like to introduce you some terms about the magnet. And that will not too difficult to understand. Most of the terms, will always be used in our daily business. so pls pay attention at this post.

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Curie temperature

When the Curie temperature is reached, the magnetic material loses magnetism.

Working temperature

The working temperature is the highest temperature that a magnet can be exposed to without permanent magnetic loss. It is an approximate value since there is a dependency on sizing. Factors such as mechanical or chemical stress can further limit the maximum service temperature. It is very important to check the temperature because the high temperature will “kill” the magnet. It will be dead.

Energy product (B × H) max

The maximum energy product from the flux density B and the field strength H is the most important quality value of a magnetic material. The higher the energy product, the greater the magnetic energy. The larger the (B × H) max value of a magnetic material, the smaller the magnet volume required for a particular task can be, given otherwise identical conditions.

Coercive force H c

Coercive field strength is the field strength that must be used to eliminate magnetization. The higher the value, the higher the magnetization resistance. One distinguishes HcB and HcJ.

Remanence (B r )

Remanence refers to the remaining magnetization in a magnet material that has been magnetized to saturation in a closed loop. The remanence is given in Gauss (G), Tesla (T) or Millitesla (mT).

Magnetic materialenergy productRetentioncoercivityTemperature coefficientMax. Operating temperatureCurie temperaturedensity
(B × H) max kJ / m 3r mTcB kA / mcJ kA / mper 1 ° C° C° Cg / cm 3
Barium ferrite isotropic7.2 – 7.6210 – 220130 – 135220-0.2%2504504.9
Barium ferrite anisotropic28.9 – 29.5390 – 400145 – 160150 – 165-0.2%2504504.9
Strontium ferrite anisotropic24.5 – 25.5350 – 370210-245220 – 255-0.2%2504504.9
AINiCo 50035 – 361120 – 116047 – 4947 – 49-0.02%4008907.3
Samarium Cobalt SmCo5140 – 150850-890620-6701100 – 120-0.04%2507208.3
Samarium Cobalt Sm2Co17190 – 2051000 – 1050680 – 7501195 – 1500-0.03%2508008.3
Neodymium Iron Boron NdFeB N35 *260 – 2851180-1220860-915> 955-0.13%803107.4
Neodymium Iron Boron NdFeB N48 *358 – 3921370 – 1410859 – 950> 955-0.13%803107.4

Values determined at 20 ° C temperature. * Versions up to 220 ° C operating temperature available.